Work From Home Desk Organizer

Work From Home Desk Organizer


  1. [Multifunctional] A perfect organizer for those who are working from home. It highlights useful storage sections to arrange your most important desk items. With ample space for gadgets such as an iPad, tablets, and mobile phones. As well as coffee mugs, notes, pens, and a small notebook.
  2. [Space-saving] A standing-type slim minimalistic design that looks effortless and pleasing to the eyes. Plus, it's lightweight and doesn't take so much space on your desk.
  3. [Made to last] Made of a high-quality PVC material against wear and tear. Carefully crafted with a smooth surface and rounded corners look aesthetically easier on the eyes than the standard sharp edges
  4. [Smart Design] A well-thought design that incorporates charging cable accessibility and cord management by adding holes at the bottom. You may also neatly hide your keyboard with the extra opening underneath the organizer.
  5. [Versatile] Whether it's for home or office use, it's the perfect organizer with a design that suits any environment. 




Material: PVC
Color: Available in White, Black, and Beige.

Length: 53cm (20.86 in.)

Width: 14cm (5.5 in.)

Height: 7cm (2.75 in.) 



Please allow a slight 1-3cm difference due to manual measurement. The actual color may also be slightly different from the image shown due to the different computer display settings



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