Full covering outdoor cap

Full covering outdoor cap
The perfect incognito hat fo summer 2020, especially these days when people are told to cover their faces. Enjoy a good hike, a camping trip, or a simple day tour in style.  This full covering cap is classically crafted while staying true to its functionality of protecting from the head to the neck against the scorching sun, the wind and other bad elements. It provides excellent ventilation to ensure you stay comfortable in the great outdoors.
  • Made of high-tech polyester microfiber and cotton blend for keeping the brim hat in shape while it stays efficient in moisture-wicking. 
  • The front mesh/solid face & neck shade protects the skin from the dust. 
  • The material is lightweight and provides excellent ventilation.
  • The fabric dries quickly, protects the skin from UV rays, and blocks wind from penetrating the material.


  • Free size. Fits 55-62cm head circumference
  • Materials: Stretchable polyester microfiber fabric
  • Neck flap protection is made of wrinkle free material

Reusable face cover with safety filters (8 pcs)

Reusable face cover with safety filters (8 pcs)

Combat the spread of COVID-19 in style with this versatile face cover/neck gaiter It's made of soft, highly elastic fabric and  the package comes with five-layer safety carbon filters for reliable protection.

This multifunctional face cover/neck gaiter for men and women is more than just a shield against the sunlight's UV rays. This superior sealing effect of the fabric also serves as a filter that prevents disease-causing contamination from entering the mouth and nose. 

  • Made of durable, high elasticity polyester material that blocks smog, ash, dust, pollen, haze, heavy metal particles, and filters infectious gas. 
  • Multi functional stretchy design that can be worn in any way you want. It can be as a face cover, head wrap, turban, neck warmer, skull cap, balaclava, beanie, wristband, hairband, tube scarf, and winter mask.
  • Incredibly soft, breathable, and comfortable to wear
  • Perfect for any outdoor and sports activities such as hiking, cycling, motorcycling, hunting, fishing, and many more.


  • Product dimensions: Approx. 13.39 inches, 34cm × 8.66 inches, and 22cm (H*W)
  • Materials: Stretchable polyester fabric
  • Up to 99% dust blocking rate
  • Breathable
  • One size fits all to fit varying head circumferences.
  • Anti-allergy


2 pcs face cover/neck gaiter

6 pieces of safety carbon filters

Wireless all-in-one hair clipper

Wireless all-in-one hair clipper

COMPLETE KIT: You can skip the barbershop or salon. Keep those pesky hairs at the comfort of your home with this high-precision, waterproof  grooming kit. 

MADE WITH DURABLE TITANIUM-PLATED STATIONARY BLADE: Equipped with an advanced cutting system, it smooths out any unwanted facial hair for a much well-defined close shaving experience. Moving blade is flexible enough for cutting hair length from 0.8 mm to 2.0mm

MULTI-FUNCTIONAL ALL IN ONE WIRELESS ELECTRIC RAZOR: A well-engineered hair clipper, nose hair trimmer, sideburns trimmer, and beard shaver. It comes with three interchangeable, washable, and easy to replace shaver heads to suit your hair trimming/shaving needs.

ERGONOMIC DESIGN: This electric shaver's design is user-friendly and can be operated wirelessly for added convenience. The easy-grip handle allows the shaver to adapt to the contours of the face, jaw, and neckline. It's perfect for designing any facial hairstyle.

LONG-LASTING PERFORMANCE & ULTRA-QUIET: It's as easy as plug & play. It provides excellent cutting performance. Use it while charging or cordless. Not only that its built-in rechargeable battery lasts longer, but it also highlights a low-noise motor.

Package inclusions:

1 x Host

1 x Hair Clipper Head

1 x Nose Trimmer Head

1 x Beard Shaver Head

1 x Brush

4 x Limited Comb

1 x Charging Cable

1 x User Manual


Plug n' Use Mini Sterilizer

Plug n' Use Mini Sterilizer

A mini gadget with 99% sterlization rate that can be attached to your iPhone or android phone to charge.

Using high quality UVC light source, this mini USB ultraviolet germicidal lamp cleans and disinfects elevator buttons, computer keyboards, tableware, water cups, children's toys and other essentials often used in daily life. To use, put the device close to the surface, sweep back and forth for just one minute to eliminate 99% of harmful bacteria.

Weighing only 5g, this portable sterilization lamp can be powered up with a choice of iPhone or Type C cable interface. The device can just stay attached to your phone - just swipe or sweep it on toilet seats, restaurant utensils, the car steering wheel or other places where disinfection is needed.


Ultraviolet rays can cause burns to the eyes and skin. Do not look directly at them during use, do not point the device toward people, animals or plants. Keep away from children.


Power: 0.4 W
Size: 1.34 x 0.71 x 0.28in
Ultraviolet wavelength: UVC 275nm
The best sterilization distance: within 3cm
Sterilization time: 1 minute
Input voltage: DC3.7V
Output voltage: DC5V
Net weight: 4g


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