Vintage is not for everyone. But we believe there's a certain breed of people who appreciate vintage or antiquity for what it is - the uniqueness of the details, the quality of craftsmanship, the very fact that it belongs to an era that will never come back.

Like a prized painting, vintage might have been created by a designer who has already crossed the great divide or will never recreate that piece. There is beauty in wearing something old or antiquated if it has value or if you don't see it being worn by every one else. In that case, you won't ever feel afraid walking the street sharing the spotlight with someone who wears the same clothes as you do.

The appeal of vintage for cause-oriented people is that you are also doing your share in saving the planet and contributing to the reduction of the carbon footprint. Have you ever imagined the range of material clutter now populating the world? Sweat shops employing underpaid workers churn out new stuff everyday, a fact which is contributing to pollution and more wastage. Reduce, Reuse & Recycle is still the way to go if we are to save the planet from further extinction.

La Lucy is proud to present a well-curated collectionof luxury designer and limited edition pieces. We've made sure they're affordable so feel free to click the Buy button because each listing happens only once and you will never be able to order two of each!



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