Urban Warrior 6-in-1 Wireless Charger

Urban Warrior 6-in-1 Wireless Charger

How many devices do you carry every day? How often do you need to charge them all at once? Do you often forget where you kept your sim cards whenever you're out traveling? If you have many necessary gizmos, having to carry a bunch of cords, all tangled up is a mess. Not to mention when there's no available socket on a plugboard to charge your device. A compact charging station on-the-go is very much necessary to handle your gadget needs.



  1. [Wireless charging] Features a multi-type charging line interface. Simply place the back of your phone on the surface of the charging toolbox while it's plugged into a power source via USB or USB C port.
  2. [Multi Cable] holds 6 types of charging cables that support PD charging and fast-charging. You have all you need that offers up to double the transfer speed. 
  3. [SIM Kit] Perfect for travelers who need safe storage for their sim cards. This multi-functional storage box includes two slots for nano sim cards and a SIM card ejector pin. 
  4. Phone Cradle. Watch your videos at ease while you're doing other tasks, —even when your phone is charging! Just gently tap the box to convert the phone stand.
  5. [Memory Reader] Worry no more when you need to transfer files from your phone to your laptop without wifi. It comes with a card reader that reads Micro SD cards and supports both USB or Type C port.
  6. [Ambient LED Flashlight] A more portable and easy to access flashlight is added to this multi-purpose storage box. Just press and hold the three-stage switch in the middle. 




Charging Capacity: 5W/10W/15W

Cable material: Thermoplastic rubber (TPE)

Function Type: Qi-enabled Wireless Charger

Products Size: 13mm x 90mm x 58mm

USB Cables: Type C, Micro, and Mini USB 




Multifunctional storage/charging box

Type C to Type-A USB adapter. 

Type C to Micro USB adapter. 

Type C to Type C charging line (two-way TYPE-C adapter.) 

Type C to lightning adapter for iOS devices. 

A user guide manual

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