Stick-on Household Disinfection Lamp

Stick-on Household Disinfection Lamp

Living in this Covid-19 world, it's really all about being clean and hygienic. And it all begins in the home. All surfaces must be spotless and germ-free. Cleaning must begin with those places in the house with the largest possibility of bacterial infestation - the toilet, garbage cans, shoe cabinet and even the washing machine.

This rechargeable ultraviolet (UV) germicidal and disinfection lamp is a handy, portable device with ozone sterilization power that kills 99%of germs lurking around the house. It has a long-lasting quartz tube that can be used for as long as 40 days on a single charge. Just remove the adhesive and stick the device on the item or place in the house that needs to be sterilized and wait for it to perform its magic.

How to use: press for 3 seconds for a long time, then start disinfection after hearing three beeps, and finish disinfection after hearing a long beep after five minutes. The disinfection lamp will turn off automatically; if you need it to stop working, press the switch for a short time.

Intelligent detection: in the process of disinfection, if the opening angle of the toilet seat cover exceeds 30 degrees, the system will stop working and the disinfection will continue after the cover is closed.

Material:ABS/silica gel/electronic components
Input Voltage:DC 5V 0.5A
Rated Power:3W
Battery Capacity:1200mAh
Disinfection Time:5 minutes
Work Environment:0-60 ℃
Relative Humidity:10-75%
Ozone density: ≥0.01ppm ≤ 0.05ppm

Package Inclusions -
1 x UV Germicidal Lamp
1 x Fixed Bracket
1 x USB Cable
1 x Manual

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