Joe Biden Printed Toilet Paper Roll Novelty Gift Bathroom Paper Towel 250 Sheets

La Lucy

Color:  250Sheet

Product specifications: 10 * 10CM each, 250 sheets of 2-layer  toilet paper roll
Shelf life: 3 years
Gram weight: 100g 
Regular product size: roll height 10CM, knot length 10 CM
Test: This product has passed ROHS, FDA, REACH and other tests.
Selling point:
1.Natural native wood paddle paper
2. Flexible and not easy to break
3. 2  layers thickened, clear segmentation
4. Safe and pollution-free
6. Ideal for hand drying and cleaning of public or employee toilets, restrooms, etc.
XXC377 (8) XXC377 (7) XXC377-1 XXC377-2 XXC377 (5) XXC377 (2) XXC377 (3) XXC377 (4)

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