3UMeter Bamboo Name Earrings for Women Hip Hop Earrings Acrylic Hoop Customized Earrings Personalized Gold Gift Dropshipping

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3UMeter Bamboo Name Earrings for Women Hip Hop Earrings Hoop Earrings Gold Gift Dropshipping

Product Description 1. Name Earrings for Women is made of zinc alloy slub earrings + acrylic custom name, zinc alloy vacuum plating 14K gold, the material is environmentally friendly and not allergic, Hiphop Hoop Earrings Personality can be worn with confidence 2. Custom Name Earrings Bamboo is suitable for women, different sizes are suitable for girls of different ages, baby, girl, women 3. Name Earrings for Women can be worn on any occasion, daily appointments, go to parties / weddings / anniversaries can wear Hiphop Hoop Earrings Personality 4. Name Earrings for Women has 7 sizes, 55mm / 75mm / 90mm. Hiphop Hoop Earrings Personality has two shapes, heart-shaped and round-shaped, you can choose different shapes according to your preferences 5. Name Earrings for Women is also very suitable for giving gifts, because Hiphop Hoop Earrings Personality can customize any letter, you can customize her name / birthday / anniversary, the person who receives the gift will be very surprised, and will also like this customization Custom Name Earrings Bamboo gift 6. Custom Name Earrings Bamboo can be made within 7 days, but it will be a little different according to the number of production time. The delivery time after production is about 15 days, you can also choose to pay the cost of express delivery to choose fast logistics, express delivery Shipping time is 3-6 days 7. You can leave your name when placing an order. If there is no style you like in the options, you can match the desired color combination in the swatch below and send it to me in the station letter 8. If you have any questions with Custom Name Earrings Bamboo, please leave a message in the station letter, we will reply to your message within 24 hours Thank you for your love Custom Name Earrings Bamboo

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