The inspiration for La Lucy

The inspiration for La Lucy

Five months ago, I left the corporate world and have been in semi-retirement mode. There were times when I thought how awful it was to be in hibernation as there were days when I could survive without talking to an outsider. Even though I don't miss the work commute, I did miss the human interaction that being in an office brings.

Let me just say that La Lucy was born in between dealing with bouts of boredom and questioning my existence.

I've set my mind on e-commerce because I think this is how people will shop in the future. Brick and mortar stores will still exist for sure, but in five years' time, majority of people will be making their shopping choices from their smartphones, tablets and desktops. This is already the norm now, as it is.

I also wanted to do something other than blogging, and this was a good way to level it up. Am proud to say that for the past couple of years, I've earned a respectable six-digit income from my own site and I figured that having an online store would be a good way to build the residual income some more.

I love that setting up this online shop cost the most minimum of capital for me as I did all the work - from customizing the theme to copy writing, uploading photos, installing apps and even setting up the payment gateway. I spent hours of back-breaking computer work  but totally got a kick out of learning something and most of all, discovering something new! Prior to this, I made a quick trip to Hong Kong to attend a trade show and meet with some suppliers.

I do know the market is filled with online retail giants but it doesn't mean there isn't room for one more. This is a low-risk, low capital retail experiment for a blogger like me and we can never succeed  if we don't try.

The advantage of a small shop like La Lucy is that it has a face and a voice (mine) which isn't really what you get with a big shop that's fully automated. Small as we are, it doesn't mean the experience will be less seamless. Everything has been designed to be fast, user-friendly, convenient and most of all secure.

Am blessed in life to have three beautiful daughters and I dedicate this feminine store to them - Dionne, Dianne and Lucy, to whom the store is named. I love you all and you will always be my babies :)


December 21, 2016

Manila, Philippines











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